Tri-Canadian Energy Communications

Internet Is Here!

Tri-Canadian Energy is a proven leader in renewable energy services, specializing in residential and commercial solar applications. Last year, we built towers throughout Prince Edward County to bring fast and reliable Internet to under-served areas of The County.

Experience the Tri-Canadian Difference

Locally Owned & Operated

We run our operation right in Prince Edward County, which means local support, local installs, and helping support a local business!

Next-Generation Wireless

It’s 2020, and it’s time your Internet performed like it. Our network is powered by several redundant fiber-optic circuits, ensuring 24X7 capacity.

Speed When You Need It Most

Our network is designed like no other, ensuring that your connection “bursts” to faster speeds when you need it, like loading  Netflixor downloading a file. 

Designed to power it all

We’ve designed our network to power your home, from your computer to TV, tablets, and media sticks. You’ll experience fast speeds on all of them!

Plans & Pricing

We pick up where the “Big Guys” drop off, which means you’ll get more speed and unlimited usage, all for less per month!



per month

10-15 Mbps


5-10 Mbps



per month

20-25 Mbps


5-10 Mbps



per month

30-40 Mbps


10 Mbps

It's time to upgrade your Internet!

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